Tips for Making a Dark Room Feel Brighter

Tips for Making a Dark Room Feel Brighter

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24 Jan 2015

How much light you’re getting into space doesn’t just affect aesthetics – it can change your mood, your perception of the room, and even your behaviour. According to the Association for Psychological Science, students in a dimly lit room are more likely to cheat and steal than those in a brightly lit room. Moreover, it’s well-known that the suicide rate goes up in locations that receive fewer hours of daylight. It might be in your best interest to make sure the rooms in your home are well-lit!

However, that might be easier said than done. Whether it’s because of poor design, a lack of windows, or windows that are placed in areas that don’t get much natural light, sometimes you can find yourself with a living space that is working against you. Don’t fret. There are some things you can do to brighten up the room without needing your power plant to fuel a small army of light bulbs.

Choosing the Right Paint for a Brighter Room

While the obvious choice for a brighter room is a brighter paint colour, that doesn’t mean that you have to whitewash your house and call it a day. Some other colours can achieve the same effect as a plain old white wall – and some that can even go beyond. I’m sure you’ve already guessed yellow as the next obvious choice, but before you moan and groan, let me assure you that a sunny yellow doesn’t have to spell decorative doom. Choose the wall behind furniture, such as a bed or a couch to paint a bold, respectable yellow, and it’ll naturally brighten the room, elevate your mood, and won’t be an eyesore. Adding orange accents or furniture can also make your room seem to be filled with more light, though painting an entire room in this colour could be tricky. Don’t let that deter you from painting small, accented areas in this brilliant hue!

Finally, lovely lilac and even some bold, royal purples mixed with a dash of pink can add the illusion of space and light to an area. If you think that sounds too girly, give it a year or two. Decorators have noticed that while purples used to be predominately chosen by women, more and more men are beginning to favour a kind, majestic violet.

Strategic Design

You don’t always have to turn to fluorescents and paint to add a little bit of shine to your space – and you don’t have to spend a fortune. A small amount of planning can go a long way when trying to brighten up a dreary room.

Start with uncluttered, open areas, preferably in the centre of the room. Minimise furniture, and carefully select the furniture you do have to reflect the airy colours we discussed above. You can even substitute boring white walls for elegant white furniture! Purchase a few pieces of reflective decorations, such as mirrors or metallic vases. You can even fake having more windows by finding an old window frame and wiring some LED lights behind it!

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