Can a Good Paint Job Cure the Winter Blues?

Can a Good Paint Job Cure the Winter Blues?

3 May 2013

It’s that time of year again. While cranking the thermostat at least a little is unavoidable during the coldest winter months, did you know that your paint colour can help to counteract the falling temperatures outside?
Finding the right paint colours to bring a little summer to your home won’t only make you feel better, but they could save you money in the long run. Here are three paint colours that will make your life a little better this winter season.

The Power of Red

Red is a physically stimulating colour. Its effects go beyond the merely psychological to those that can alter how our body is operating. Most notably, seeing the colour red – and particularly vibrant shades of it – can cause respiration and heart rate to rise in humans. This feature not only makes you feel alive during a dreary season, but a faster heart rate means that your body will be producing more heat, keeping you a little warmer on cold days. Red is also the essential colour perceptible to man.

Moreover, the shade of red can breathe life into any room during any season. Because red is the colour of fire, it awakens our senses to a force that has brought heat and the wonders of cooking to our lives for thousands of years. It makes us feel alert and ready to be productive.

Brown Makes Us Feel Cozy
Is there anything more beautiful on a chilly winter day than curling up under a throw by the fire, with a cup of hot chocolate and feeling cosy. A dark espresso accent can give us the subjective impression of being enveloped – much like in a cave. It taps into ancient instincts deep within our psyche, and reminds us of warm, insulating materials and consequently causes us to feel as if the cold is being kept at bay. Much like the placebo effect encountered in medicine, in our everyday lives, merely thinking we’re warmer will make us warmer.
Orange is Uplifting
Orange might not be your favourite colour, but whether it pleases your eye or offends it, it will still have an anti-depressant effect on your mood. Most oranges will naturally brighten any room without having to add more lighting to the area. Studies have shown that a lack of adequate light, particularly during the winter months, can people to feel run down and unhappy. Adding orange is an easy and effective way to counteract this negative characteristic of winter. Orange can also make us feel more energetic, making it more likely that we will want to get up and do something – an activity that both warm the body and puts us in a better mood. One caveat is that oranges that are too burnt might not provide the same cheery elements as its brighter counterparts. Instead, a highly burnt orange can have the same mood effects as a dark tan – not necessarily harmful, but also not the most strong colour to combat those winter blues.

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