Tips to Consider When Painting Your Bathroom

Tips to Consider When Painting Your Bathroom

18 May 2013

Your bathroom often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. While it might not be the most exciting room in your house, it’s one that both you and your guests are going to find yourself in throughout the day. You’d be surprised by how much it can brighten your mood when the bathroom you’re in is decorated well.
That being said, bathrooms aren’t the same as the rest of the rooms in your house regarding keeping the paint looking nice. Below are some tips for having great looking walls even in the drippiest room you own.

Gloss Matters

You might not like the look of a glossy coat other places in your house, but in the bathroom, it can work wonders. In many cases, a glossy paint job can give guests the impression that your bathroom is cleaner and shinier than it is. In other cases, it can sometimes reveal imperfections you’d instead remain hidden. Whether you like the look of it or not, however, you might want to consider using it to protect your walls from the extra scrubbing and drying they’re going to go through in your bathroom. If you don’t like the look of glossy paint, but you want the durability that it offers, a nice semi-gloss can give you the best of both worlds.


Specialized Bathroom Paint

Unless the bathroom in question is a half-bath, you’re going to need to plan for a lot of steam and moisture in your bathroom. That means finding a paint that is intended to take care of that sort of thing. Bathroom paints are made so that they will resist mould and mildew better than paint types that are meant for your living room.


Having a well-ventilated bathroom is vital if you want your paint to last. All bathrooms go through more moisture than any other room in your house, but having a good ventilation system will help draw a lot of that moisture away before it becomes a problem. Bathrooms can be a tricky room in your house to keep the paint looking great in, but if you follow these tips, you should be well on your way to beautiful bathroom walls you’ll be happy with, and that will keep your guests pleased.

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